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Middle School

Energy Forms and Changes

Energy Forms and Changes

This PhET module shows conservation of energy through energy change and heat transfer and is a good teaching tool for the energy section. Requires Java.

Harcourt School

Harcourt School's Thermal Energy Transfer

This learning module from Harcourt demonstrates thermal energy transfer. Walk through the job of a blacksmith and learn how mastering energy transfer is key for crafting designs in metal. Requires Flash.

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Gas Properties

PhET has a great simulation on gas properties. This simulation allows you to adjust temperature, volume, pressure, and amount of gas, making it perfect for exploring the ideal gas law. You can also manipulate the density of gas and the impact of gravity on the system. This simulation requires Flash.

Potential Energy on Shelves

NASA Solar and Wind Game

Here’s a fun game from on solar and wind energy. The goal is to produce enough clean energy to power a town. The weather is constantly changing, so you have to adjust your wind turbines and solar panels accordingly. Flash is required.

Potential Energy on Shelves

Potential Energy on Shelves

This learning tool from lets you explore the topic of potential energy by letting you vary the height of multiple objects on shelves to see how their energies relate. The simulation also features a description of what you do as well as a table and graph of the relative energies. Works on PC and Mac.

Thermal Energy Transfer

Thermal Energy Transfer

This learning tool is an interactive and descriptive walk-through of the three main modes of thermal energy transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation. This tool highlights important concepts relating to conservation of energy and energy transfer, and includes various everyday examples to help teach young students of these concepts. This works on both PC and Mac. Flash is required.

Energy Conversion in a System

Energy Conversion in a System

This learning tool features a system that shows change in temperature as the result of an energy transfer from kinetic energy. This simulation is very interactive and a good tool for young students to learn about energy transfer. Works on PC and Mac.

Energy Conversion in a System

Energy Walkthrough from eSchoolToday

This is a broad interactive walk through from of all different types of energy, complete with examples and games to help you learn various concepts. At the end there’s a quiz to test what you’ve learned. Flash is required.

Energy Conversion in a System

Power Play ScienceNetLinks

Here is a fun interactive activity form on harnessing different common forms of energy to complete a given goal. Generate power from everyday tasks like using a treadmill or boiling water and watch it flow through the system you create. Flash is required.
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Energy and Global Warming

This interactive walk through by The Children’s University of Manchester teaches you about the effects of global warming and the role energy plays in the process. Learn how temperature change can lead to drastic changes in our world. Flash is required.

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Definitions of Energy (PS3.A)

  • Motion energy is properly called kinetic energy; it is proportional to the mass of the moving object.(MS-PS3-1)
  • A system of objects may also contain stored (potential) energy. (MS-PS3.2)
  • Temperature is a measure of the average kinetic energy of particles of matter. (MS-PS3-3&4)

Conservation of Energy & Energy Transfer

  • When the motion energy of an object changes, there is some other change of energy at the same time. (MS-PS3-5)
  • The amount of energy transfer needed to change the temperature depends on the nature of the matter. (MS-PS3-4)
  • Energy is spontaneously transferred from hotter regions into colder regions. (MS-PS3-2)

When two objects interact, that interaction can cause energy to be transferred to or from the object. (MS-PS3-2)

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Many of these science resources require Java and Flash. Click below to download.

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