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3rd Grade

Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Life Cycles and Traits
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Interactions Among Living Things

The ears of a jackrabbit measure one-third the length of its body.  How do long ears help a jackrabbit to survive in a hot environment? Learn more about the jackrabbit and other animals with special features in this activity.

wind turbine

Life Cycles

Students can explore the life cycles of frogs, birds, and butterflies! Learn about the order of development and growth through interactive games.  What comes first? How did you do? Watch engaging videos to reinforce student knowledge.


Living Things in Their Environment

Polar bears live on the frozen coasts of the Arctic.  They hunt from the edges of ice platforms. These bears can run as fast as 40 kilometers per hour (about 25 miles per hour) without slipping.  Why doesn’t a polar bear slip on the ice when it runs?

The Secret Lives of Flowers

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  • Many characteristics of organisms are inherited from their parents. (3-LS3-1)
  • Other characteristics result from individuals’ interactions with the environment, which can range from diet to learning. Many characteristics involve both inheritance and environment. (3-LS3-2)
  • Reproduction is essential to the continued existence of every kind of organism. Plants and animals have unique and diverse life cycles. (3-LS1-1)
  • Different organisms vary in how they look and function because they have different inherited information. (3-LS3- 1)
  • The environment also affects the traits that an organism develops. (3-LS3-2)
  • Sometimes the differences in characteristics between individuals of the same species provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing. (3-LS4-2)

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